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I am an Animator and Designer. My career started in 2001 when I was accepted as a student of the Industrial Design undergratuate course at the Fine Arts School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In this School I learned the basics of Design and Illustration.
But my real interest was always the animation and technology so I decided to learn 3d and Animation.
During the course I was oriented by professor DSc. Celso Guimaraes who taught me a lot about Virtual Reality and introduced me in the Technology Center at (UFRJ). There I was able to attend some classes in their Masters course and these new skills helped me in finding my first internship at TV Globo.
During this internship I learned a lot about motion graphics and animation and my professionalism, team work commitment and skills were recognized by my managers who offered me a position as Illustrator in this company when my internship ended. A few months later I graduated in the Fine Arts School.
As an Illustrator I worked with real-time graphics, motion graphics and character animation always with a growing interest for animation in which I was helped by the experienced team members of the cast. The most important thing to me in this experience it was the fact that all of us were generalists and all of us worked always as a team in order to give the work the necessary quality to be broadcasted. And this experience of sharing the knowledge and skills always offered me and the team the opportunity to grow together.
In 2007 I was accepted in the Masters Course at the Superior School of Industrial Design of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and begin to develop my dissertation on motion graphics until 2009 when I graduated.
I worked for TV Globo until January 2010, when I decided to move to another company of the same group: Globosat.
In Globosat I was hired as a Digital Designer and worked with real-time graphics for their channels, mainly their Sports Channel, SporTV, among a large team of many talented designers whom I could share the knowledge I acquired during my last years in the broadcasting industry and learn a lot from them about design, motion and animation.
During my contract with Globosat I was accepted in the Digital Character Animation Course at Vancouver Film School and I decided to move to Vancouver to embrace my real life passion: Animation.

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