The Making of Crash! - Part 3

Environment Project:

To make the environment I started the same way as the other parts of the project: finding references on internet and making some sketches, just to get the feeling of being inside a bar (and naturally I went to some bars in Vancouver to see how they work):

With all my references in my hands I decided to sketch a little bit the environment before modeling it:

Then with all planning done it was time to start the modeling of the bar's environment:

And its objects that would populate the scene:

The environment almost populated:

Later on I did a study to decide where to place my lights and how it should be the overall look of the bar before the lighting and texturing step:

The final texturing with all its UV's and my initial lighting (not so bad but that was later on changed completely by Greg Berridge, our senior instructor and one of the best lighters I have ever seen):

And the final lighting (by Greg):

And that was the environment production process.

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