Argento Render Machine


So I decided to post again after a few years without any post in this website. Right now I am learning Scripting, specifically Maxscripting and a programming language called Processing for my Doctorate research at ESDI (Superior School of Industrial Design, at Rio de Janeiro).

I tried to solve one problem my students (I work as a teacher right now) always asked me: Is it possible to render more than one camera scene at a time?

So I wrote the following script in 3ds Max to solve this problem. I think there must be other solutions online, but as a first experiment it does it job well:

The buttons showed in the picture above (Selecionar Câmera - Select camera) are used to select the scene's camera(s). Click on them and then on the Cameras you have in scene. The Inícío (Start) and Fim (End) sliders are used to select the initial frame and the end frame you'd like to render. One important aspect of these sliders is that you can't set the end value to be less than the start value.

The format file let's you choose between five different format files as seen below:

The "Clear All" and the "Render" buttons are self-explanatories.

The only thing you must have is a folder in your "C:\" drive called ArgentoRender where the rendered files will be stored. This is just a temporary solution while I am still trying to learn how to acquire the windows directory path to save the files to.

How to use it: On your 3ds Max software go to the MaxScript menu, click on Run Script... and choose the script file you downloaded to start it:


So that's it. I hope it's useful and I wish I can learn more and exchange more information with CG developers.


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