Mocap history

(Johansson, 1971)

So it's been a while since I posted here. The reason for that is my studies in the Doctorate I am currently studying at the University of State of Rio de Janeiro. This has been a very consuming task.

I decided to come back to the posts so I can share some discoveries I am having while researching. 

This week I have read an article called "Episodic Reasoning for Vision-Based Human Action Recognition" where the authors proposed a new way for recognizing human gestures, based on common-sense assumptions1

In the research they have done they pointed out a series of references and one of them is this series of very interesting Videos from Dr.Johansson researches. They were recorded in 1971 and shows his researching on interpreting movements:

They seem to be very simple, but they show (among other works) for how long the research on motion capture systems have been done. Nowadays many of us who see the advanced Vicon and OptiTrack systems should know that these systems come from a very long path of research and discoveries.

1 - Santofimia, M.J., Martinez-del-Rincon, J., Nebel, J-C. Episodic Reasoning for Vision-Based Human Action Recognition. The Scientific World Journal, 2014. 18 pages.

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